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Rel. 9/05/23

Pre-order only


Josh and Olivia's story will be part of this collection!

Her Re-Ride Cowboy

Harland County Series/HC Heroes Series Crossover

Multi Author Collection!!

Hold on tight as some of today’s bestselling western romance authors bring you stories of love, loss, torment, second chances, enemies-to-lovers, forbidden affairs, and happily-ever-afters fill the pages of this steamy small-town cowboy romance anthology.

Do you like your cowboys Wild, Rough and Tough, Rich, Hardworking, or Kindhearted?

Maybe all of the above.

Look no further because these stories are sure to keep you riding the edge of your seat…and falling in love.

Are you ready for a Wild Ride?


Including Stories from:

Donna Michaels NYT and USA Today bestselling author

Stephanie Morris - USA Today bestselling author

Megyn Ward - USA Today bestselling author

Jen Talty - USA Today bestselling author

Sylvia McDaniel - USA Today bestselling author

Rhonda Lee Carver

Gem Sivad

Becca Turner

Anjelica Grace

Mia Miller

Zee Irwin

Dove Daniels 

Britney Bell

Vic Leigh

Peggy McKenzie 

Colleen Beth Williamson 

Head back to Harland County where it all began...

My Contribution 

Josh and Olivia were introduced in DANTE. More information on them to come...

Her Re-Ride Cowboy

Harland County Series/HC Heroes Series Crossover

He’s counting on a re-ride to win her heart for good…

After years of schooling and residency, Dr. Olivia Harrison has finally achieved her goal of helping people see better. But when she spots her childhood sweetheart back in Harland County—the guy who’d left her to join the rodeo circuit thirteen years ago—she realizes there’s no prescription to cure her attraction to the sexy cowboy.

Former rodeo legend, Josh Masters returns home with two goals in mind; One, to learn the bull trade from his buddy so he could start his own business. Two, win back the only woman he ever loved. One is a lot easier than two. Not a problem, because he doesn’t give up and he always wins.

But he’s going to need more than a re-ride…he’s going to need a little help from the county’s secret matchmakers.

My Contribution is a Harland County Series/HC Heroes Series Crossover
My book is written as a stand alone, as are all the books in both series
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