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BRETT's Payback

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"Ms. Michaels takes a subject that afflicts so many of our military personnel today and transforms it with style, sensitivity, and finesse into a love story that warms the heart and satisfies the senses. Readers of many genres will find this captivating novel a must read and a boon to any book collection." ~Janna Shay, InD'tale Magazine,
-Crowned Heart of Excellence

- Runner Up, Honorable Mention, Rone Award(Cowboy Payback)

"Donna Michael’s is my favorite cowboy/military writer, no matter what book I read I find myself deeply drawn into the story. Brett and Trisha’s story is so good. The story that follows is funny, sexy, emotional and romantic.  5 stars." ~Mel, UK

"I loved the way Ms. Michael’s used so many of the situations so well, to help set up learning moments or touching moments of thinking for the characters. They are well developed characters you can see yourself being friends with each and every one of them. I give this book 5++++ stars." ~Char (1 RadReader59) (Cowboy  Payback)

"Brett's Payback is so much more than a military romance. It is a story to give people hope." ~Trudy D

Payback is sweeter when the heart is involved.

Former Marine Trisha Jennings has a bright future—law school, a job in her father’s firm, and an engagement to a junior partner…there’s just one problem. Those are her father’s dreams, not hers. She doesn’t want to be a lawyer or a wife. So when her friend’s fiancé tosses her a lifeline in the form of a fake engagement to his twin—her former CO—she grabs on with both hands.  After all, the captain’s strong and immovable, the perfect deterrent against her controlling father. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that he’s hot and she’s had a thing for him for years.

Former Marine Captain Brett Brennan loves a good practical joke, until the boot is on the other foot and he finds himself in a fake engagement to his sexy, former corporal. Realizing she is struggling to come to terms with an incident from their last deployment, and knowing his ranch is a great place to heal, he uses their fake engagement to help. After all, he’d always have his men’s six.

But Trisha is no longer a corporal under his command and out of uniform, she is all woman. He wasn’t expecting the strong attraction to the beauty or the fierce desire to help and protect her. Soon, it has him forgetting their prank engagement is just for show. Who knew payback could be so sweet?

**Formally known as Cowboy Payback, now updated with new revisions and additional words**

This series can be read and enjoyed in any order but you get more out of the backstories by reading in order.

"Looks like another great series from Donna Michaels. Likeable characters and great storylines are the trademark of this writer and she delivers! " ~Bronwyn, UK

"Just love Donna Michaels books. She makes you read faster to get to the end to see what will happen, and then want to go back and read it again because it is too good to end." ~Sandy

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Bretts Payback 1800x2700.jpg
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"Highly recommend to all fans of romance, military, cowboys, family, and series." ~Emily's Romance Hangout

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