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No. All of my books, including my Citizen Soldier Series, completely stand alone. You can read them in any order you want. ☺
Yes! Keiffer absolutely got his own book! Her Troubled Cowboy is a Harland County/Citizen Soldier crossover because Keiffer left the Poconos after the death of his buddy and eventually surfaced at his sister's Texas ranch.
Yes! Lex makes another appearance in DEX. He'll also show up in a few more HC Heroes novels, so keep an eye out for him.
I truly do love all my heroes. That being said...shh...there are a few that leave a lasting impression. In my Harland County Series, both Cole McCall, from Her Fated Cowboy, and Kade Dalton, from Her Uniform Cowboy, equally caught my heart.
Yes! Jameson Knight will definitely get his own book, hopefully by the end of year. I plan to pair him up with Barbara Harmon, Sandy's friend I introduced in SEAL in Charge. As a matter of fact, I made a slight reference to them at the end of that book...
At the moment, I am busy writing the HC Heroes Series, Royal Pines SeriesDangerous Curves Series, and my Citizen Soldier Series. But I do intend to return to Harland County!
Again, such a tough, tough question because I do love them all. But, I'll play nice and bite the bullet to maybe narrow it down to...dang, it's really tough. Okay, if there can be only one, then I'd choose Cooper. His sense of humor edges the others out just a smidge, although, Dean has my heart, too. Shoot. Can I pick two?
No. They all stand alone so it's okay to read #4 before #1 or whatever book you purchased. But if you like to read a series (as I, and many of my readers do), you'll enjoy starting from the beginning because characters from other books sometimes make fun cameos. But don't worry, you won't miss anything crucial if you start with the book you've purchased.
Check out my printable book list to see all of my series and their written order.


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