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All books are standalones but you get more out of the backstories by reading in order.
harland-county-christmas new.jpg
Harland County Christmas
Her Healing Cowboy New cover 1800x2700.j
Her Healing Cowboy
Harland County Series/Citizen Soldiers Crossover
Harland County Epiloque
Her Reride Cowboy 1800x2700.jpg
Coming Soon...

The Harland County Series

Unruly cowboys and the women who tame them…

Her Fated Cowboy
her-unbridled-cowboy new.jpg
Her Unbridled Cowboy
Her Uniform Cowboy green hue rev cov 180
Her Uniform Cowboy
her-forever-cowboy-ind-book new.jpg
Her Forever Cowboy
her-volunteer-cowboy new.jpg
Her Volunteer Cowboy
Her Indulgent Cowboy NEW_ cover 1800 x 2
Her Indulgent Cowboy
her-hell-yeah-cowboy new.jpg
Her Hell Yeah Cowboy
Her Troubled Cowboy new cov 1800 x 2700.
Her Troubled Cowboy
Her-hell-no-cowboy-1 new.jpg
Her Hell No Cowboy
Her Doggone Cowboy Donna Michaels.jpg
Her Doggone Cowboy
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