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She Does Know Jack

Vintage Donna Michaels

Reviewer Top Pick
"This is another wonderful example of how Ms. Michaels creates a storyline that's fun, sexy, entertaining and oh so hot and rolls it up into one nice package for her readers to devour." ~Diana Coyle, Night Owl Reviews

"One of Donna Michaels' strengths as a writer of popular fiction (and she has many!) is her ability to make characters leap off the page in compelling scenes that are both believable and contemporary. She has a gift, too, for snappy, authentic dialogue -- I often felt that I was watching and hearing this book rather than reading it. The pace is fast, the action is intense, and the plot held my interest."  ~Francesca Salemo

"From start to finish She Does Know Jack is full of fun, romance and the mystery of who is after Jack's artist brother, Matthew. Keeping the secret of who was after Mathew to the ending helped the action keep going and the ending more fun. I loved the funny lines, the crazy characters and the plot that made She Does Know Jack a great story." ~Jane Jones


"Loved it, kept you guessing all the way. First and foremost this was a romance, it was also a bit suspenseful, it had some really funny bits, it was just a really good, entertaining read. If this is your type of book don't let it get away, it's too good to miss." ~Sue P

Working undercover on reality TV has never been more dangerous to her heart.

Security specialist, Brielle Chapman reluctantly agrees to help her uncle by going undercover as a contestant on the Meet Your Mate reality show. Having nearly failed on a similar assignment, she needs to prove she still has a future in the business. But when the brother of the groom turns out to be Dodger—the sexy one-nighter she had while in disguise from a prior undercover case—her job becomes harder. Does he recognize her? And how can she investigate with their sizzling attraction fogging her brain?

Former Army Ranger Captain Jack ‘Dodger’ Anderson would rather run naked through a minefield in the Afghan desert than participate in a reality television show, but when his groom brother begins to receive threats, Jack quickly becomes his sibling’s shadow. As if the investigation isn’t baffling enough, now he has to contend with the addition of a beautiful and vaguely familiar new contestant.

But when deceits come to light and the case takes a heart-stopping turn, Meet Your Mate becomes a whole other kind of reality for both of them.

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