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 "If you love cowboys, and strong, independent women who are not afraid of a challenge, these books are for you. I really enjoy following these cowboys through their trying times, and love the fact that the characters from the previous books still show up in the next book. Great job, Donna Michaels, love those cowboys and the women who tame them." ~Debbie Collins

"Love, love, love Harland County Series! These books are a delight to read. Great characters, fun stories, beautiful romance and fiery chemistry between the main hero/heroine!! Being a Texan and a larger lady, these stories are wonderful and close enough that I can relate to their situations." ~Theresa

"I love when an author can make me want to be friends with the characters. Their sense of humor and the deep down way they love their women and their families keeps me coming back for more." ~The Redhead's Book Blog

"Donna Michael's writes real characters, with strengths and flaws and heart. (...) Donna Michael's is a MUST buy author for me and I highly recommend Her Uniform Cowboy and the whole Harland County series. ~Tamara

"You could very well read each book as a standalone, but I would strongly suggest you read them in order to fully enjoy what this series has to offer you as a reader." ~Diana Coyle, Night Owl Reviews 

This series can be read and enjoyed in any order but you get more out of the backstories by reading in order.
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Her Uniform Cowboy green hue rev cov 180
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Her Indulgent Cowboy NEW_ cover 1800 x 2
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Her Troubled Cowboy new cov 1800 x 2700.
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"Here's another series by Donna Michaels "Harland County". Again, another series developed with friends and family looking for love and finding it in great places. The characters are really good and well developed. I hope she keeps this series going." ~Sherry

"Such an amazing series love the Harland County Cowboys. The Harland County Series is my favorite Cowboy books, each book is filled with sexy strong alpha men who love fiercely." ~Mel, UK


"OMG..... love this series!!!!
this is definitely my cup of tea..... funny situations, cute and wonderful characters.
lots of family and friends and good attitude! and you say.... how boring it is.... but not at all.... the writing is so engaging that you can hardly notice that you are reading a story, it seems you are reading about some close friends." ~Fernanda

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Her Unbridled Cowboy


"Ms. Michaels did it again by providing her readers with an entertaining storyline to get lost in while falling in love with her well-developed characters." ~Diana Coyle, Night Owl Reviews -Reviewer Top Pick

"I truly enjoyed both book 1 and 2 of this series. Both stories made me laugh, cry and angry at the guys for being ...the guys that you end up falling in love with. Misunderstands galor, and love that is just waiting for 2 people to come and face it. You know Kerri and Conner are going to get together but the ride along the was was wonderful. Ms Michael's is fast becoming a favorite of mine. If you love a good romance, with some mild sex, LOTS of tension, great story and even a few laughs and a few tears this is a story you must read." ~JuliesBookReview

"This was an amazing book. I knew I was going to like Connor based on his interactions in the first book. He definitely didn’t disappoint. This was a wonderful story from an exceptional series." ~StacyJ

"I really loved book two and definitely will get myself book one now only to catch up. Can't wait for book three and four since Donna Michaels just writes beautifully and I have to say, my favorite scene was with Connor and Kerri in the hay... *sigh*
Everyone: READ IT! " ~Sam

An earthquake is nothing compared to the passionate, force of nature of an unbridled cowboy…

Homeless and unemployed thanks to an earthquake, divorced California chef Kerri Masters agrees to head back to her hometown to help plan her sister’s Texas wedding.  It must be her weakened state that has her eyeing the neighbor she used to follow around as a child. Her tastes tend towards gentlemen in suits, cultured, and neatly groomed— not a dimple-glaring, giant of a cowboy. He’s big and virile and makes her want things the inadequacies brought out during her divorce keep her from carrying out.  

Connor McCall’s brotherly feelings for the pesky former neighbor disappear when the grown up version steps on his ranch in her fancy clothes and shiny heels. Too bad she’s a city girl, because he has no use for them. Three times he tried to marry one, and three times the engagements failed. He’s not looking for number four no matter how much his body is all for jumping back in the saddle and showing the sexy chef just how it feels to be loved by a cowboy. 

Turns out the earthquake was nothing compared to the passionate, force of nature of an unbridled cowboy, and Kerri learns far more about herself, and Connor, than she ever expected.  But when events put his trust in her on the line, will he choose his heart or his pride?

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