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This is a book that gets you from the start. Did not put it down til I finished. Sweet, sexy and hot. ~Nancy j Mathias

"The chemistry, push/pull between Dex and Rylee keeps me reading with a need to know how they will finally figure out they are exactly what the other needs. Donna Michaels writes my favorite HEA's. I love the way Ms. Michaels laces the heat with humor. " ~The Redheads Book Blog

"I thoroughly enjoyed Dex with its’ talkative funny cockatoo, bro code antics, suspense and yoga all rolled into one. A fun read!" ~Eileen McCall

"Loved the story! The author portrays the feelings of both the hero and heroin very well." ~Sandy, Goodreads

There’s only ever been one woman for him…

Dexter “Dex” Wright is never wrong. It’s not an ego thing, it’s a fact reflected by a drawer full of military medals and commendations. He’s great at protecting people, and even better at guarding his heart—skills honed by a stint in Delta Force and from growing up in the system. But daily contact with the beautiful, stubborn sister of one of his military buddies is slowly thawing the unreachable.    

Rylee Bryson grew up a military brat. Instead of rebelling against the regimented, disciplined lifestyle, she embraced it. Too bad her family wants her to get married and play it safe behind a desk. She tried that—even got engaged—but neither worked out. So when she learns her brother’s buddies need a receptionist for their security and investigation company she jumps at the chance—not to trade one desk for another—no, Rylee is on a mission to prove she has what it takes to be an agent. If only she didn’t have to work with the sexy jerk who broke up her engagement.

With the tempting woman assigned to work undercover with him on a case, Dex can’t seem to keep his hands or his mouth off his partner. But more than his heart is at stake if he doesn’t keep his head in the game.

This series can be read and enjoyed in any order but you get more out of the backstories by reading in order.

 "The dialog in these stories is so relatable it's like I'm sitting with my friends sharing a conversation. It tends to make me forget I'm reading fiction. So much fun!!" ~Kindle Customer

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"...I am convinced that this is one of Ms. Micheals best series. From page one forward you will be intrigued. Alpha men are just scrumptious, when written about because they are always the most honest caring individuals in the book. Some writers don't follow this rule, but Donna Micheals follows it to a "T" Read this series if you just want to swoon!!!" ~Linda C

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HC Heroes/Harland County Crossover re-releasing soon

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