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"I loved every part of this book! Was barely able to put it down to take care of the necessities of life. While I love all of Donna Michaels books, this one is definitely a favorite! Highly recommend all her books!" ~TeeAnn Kemm

"Great surprises and challenges throughout. I really enjoyed it." ~katyjane

"I loved the whole book. It had suspense, mystery, laughter, banter, and sexy times. All my favs." ~Stacy J.

"I love how Donna paints the scenes and fills you in on all the characters making it a standalone. The story flows so much so that before you know it, you are at the HEA....prompting a reread. Never a disappointment!❤" ~Kimba

The biggest risks have the sweetest reward…

For former Navy SEAL Dean Huntington, Harland County is just a pit stop on his road to a spot on a government spec ops team. Working for his military buddy while continuing PT to get his recently injured arm up to par is a win/win. Sniffing around the also-new-in-town sexy baker is risky to his planned-out future…but taking risks is his life.

Award-winning pastry chef/baker Loni Champion loves to compete all over the world in bake-offs with her twin sister, but a recent diagnosis will put an end to competing as well as her sight. Winning her final competition is all she can think about until the new hot guy in town makes her mouth water with his lean body and mischievous grin.

She’s great at taste-pairing but not interested in relationship-pairing, which suits Dean fine because he’s not sticking around. But when their temporary fling turns as serious as the threats against Loni if she competes, Dean realizes losing her is not an option and he’ll risk it all to keep her safe.

This series can be read and enjoyed in any order but you get more out of the backstories by reading in order.

 "The dialog in these stories is so relatable it's like I'm sitting with my friends sharing a conversation. It tends to make me forget I'm reading fiction. So much fun!!" ~Kindle Customer

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"...I am convinced that this is one of Ms. Micheals best series. From page one forward you will be intrigued. Alpha men are just scrumptious, when written about because they are always the most honest caring individuals in the book. Some writers don't follow this rule, but Donna Micheals follows it to a "T" Read this series if you just want to swoon!!!" ~Linda C

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HC Heroes/Harland County Crossover re-releasing soon

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