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"What a throughly enjoyable read! Holden and Emily are a perfect match! What a great addition to Donna Michaels HC Heroes series!" ~TeeAnn Kemm

"Thoroughly enjoyed Emily and Holden's story. Plenty of sexiness and sweetness along the way to their HEA. Hard to resist a military man who loves animals and wants to be part of a group of friends who are more like family. Looks like Dante is next. :)" ~Dania Voss, Int'l Bestselling and Award Winning Romance Author

"Donna has done it again! This is a great addition to the series. Heat off of the charts and a twist I never saw coming. Read “Holden” and see it you figure it out before the end of the book." ~Kindle Customer

"I have really enjoyed the books in this series! Love seeing old characters with new ones. I like that animals play an important part of the story!" ~Amazon Customer

Tagline coming soon...

For Holden, working with his former D-Force brothers takes the sting out of leaving active duty behind. He can’t unsee the horrors he’s seen and readjusting to civilian life is tougher than he expected. Helping at the local animal shelter is a blessing. It has nothing to do with his encounters with the sexy, sassy volunteer with a smart mouth and beautiful brown eyes.

Several years as an animal control officer has taken its toll on Emily Blake. She can’t unsee the horrors she’s seen, but she can continue to aid animals in need, and enjoys volunteering at a shelter in the town where she grew up. Unable to resist helping rescues, she’s inexplicably drawn to the new volunteer. It has nothing to do with his smokin’ hot body or mesmerizing hazel eyes.

No matter how hard Holden tries, he can't seem to stay away from the woman, but when her life is threatened, he makes it his mission to keep her safe and remove the threat.

This series can be read and enjoyed in any order but you get more out of the backstories by reading in order.

 "The dialog in these stories is so relatable it's like I'm sitting with my friends sharing a conversation. It tends to make me forget I'm reading fiction. So much fun!!" ~Kindle Customer

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"...I am convinced that this is one of Ms. Micheals best series. From page one forward you will be intrigued. Alpha men are just scrumptious, when written about because they are always the most honest caring individuals in the book. Some writers don't follow this rule, but Donna Micheals follows it to a "T" Read this series if you just want to swoon!!!" ~Linda C

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HC Heroes/Harland County Crossover re-releasing soon

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