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A creative plot and fantastic arc take readers on an unforgettable ride! Part 4 of the series, this book stands alone, but readers should collect all the books in this entire series!" ~Viola Robins, InD'tale Magazine
-Crowned Heart of Excellence

"Donna Michaels takes on real life situations and problems, weaves in a hunky hero with a sometimes attitude then throws in a challenging woman, and you have a great adventure! Gabe is no exception, both the man and the story!" ~CJinOK

"Another great book in the series. It's a touching, steamy and an emotional story. I loved everything about it. A Must Read!!" ~Doni

"I loved this book, as always Donna Michaels makes the reader feel as if they are right there with the characters. Five "PITA" stars for this one and cannot wait on the next one in this series!" ~froggy29532DC

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Sometimes giving in is the win…

Helping people is Gabe Bryson’s calling in life. Exchanging combat boots for a sheriff’s badge is as natural to the former Navy SEAL as breathing air. Rules and regulations, law and order are all in his wheelhouse. So to find himself attracted to a beautiful, exasperating animal activist who thinks rules are made to be broken, drives him nuts.

Helping animals is Lyndsey Heston’s calling in life. The veterinary technician/animal foster mom doesn’t have time for a boyfriend or dating or her unwanted attraction to the handsome new sheriff. He’s too buttoned up; too by-the-rules; too much like her father—a former sheriff; and definitely too darn hot for her own good.

After a particularly bad day, she finds herself sharing drinks—and a whole lot more—with the sexy sheriff whose kindness takes her by surprise. Soon compassion turns to passion and they both agree it’s just one night and they can go back to disliking each other in the morning.

Even though their ‘just one night’ turns into several, Gabe is certain he’s got a handle on the situation, until Lyndsey breaks up a dog fight ring and acquires a bullseye on her pretty head. The SEAL turned sheriff realizes there’s no rule or regulation he won’t break to keep her safe.

This series can be read and enjoyed in any order but you get more out of the backstories by reading in order.

 "The dialog in these stories is so relatable it's like I'm sitting with my friends sharing a conversation. It tends to make me forget I'm reading fiction. So much fun!!" ~Kindle Customer

"...I am convinced that this is one of Ms. Micheals best series. From page one forward you will be intrigued. Alpha men are just scrumptious, when written about because they are always the most honest caring individuals in the book. Some writers don't follow this rule, but Donna Micheals follows it to a "T" Read this series if you just want to swoon!!!" ~Linda C

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HC Heroes/Harland County Crossover re-releasing soon

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