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Wine and Research

Growing up, Elle Hudson lost herself in books as a form of escape after two separate tragedies claimed the life of her father and her brother. Her love of reading eventually blossomed into a successful writing career. Now she is in the Poconos doing research for a new series with police officers as her heroes. They held a special place in her heart. Too bad the cop assigned to take her on ride-a-longs is as arrogant as he is handsome.


Jeremy Mercer was ten when his father died in the line of duty and his mother moved him and his sister from NYC to the Poconos. To serve and protect is in his blood, so it was only natural for him to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a cop. He also joined the National Guard, because helping people is his calling in life. Being assigned liaison to a romance author isn’t part of that calling. Besides, he doesn’t like writers—doesn’t trust them. Too bad the woman he’s stuck babysitting is as beautiful as she is sweet, unless she’s putting on a front like his ex.


Elle is there to write romance, not look for it, but there is no denying the chemistry between her and Jeremy. Even though they agree to do just that they accidentally fall into bed…several times. Not smart, especially when he opens up about his past and she realizes just how deep their connection runs.


Falling for Jeremy could be a mistake. How will he react when he finds out it was her brother his father had died trying to save? Will he view it as a sign that they were meant to be together? Or will he want nothing to do with her and walk away?


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Wine and Research 650x975.jpg
This series can be read and enjoyed in any order but you get more out of the backstories by reading in order.

"I love this series. Can't wait for the next one. They are always thoughtful and I love that I can't put the book down until I am finished. The author always puts everything together and completes the story and leaves you waiting for the next published book." ~Amazon Customer

"...they don't call the Wyne household "The Hotspot" for nothing. I cannot wait to read more of this series." ~Debbie Collins

" One of the books had me laughing out loud in physical therapy and this one had me in tears at the doctor's office.  I honestly cannot recommend the books in this series enough, you will LOVE them! " ~Kelly Thompson

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