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Wyne and Chocolate

"Donna Michaels never fails to impress me with her writing skills, and Wyne and Chocolate is no exception. Absolutely fabulous story, it has funny, romantic, a bit sad in places, and very sexy. I definitely recommend this book, and am really looking forward to the next in the series." ~Jacqueline Shaw

"Wyne and Chocolate had me unable to put the Kindle down, it has the romance, the mystery, even the heartbreak. Everything you need in an excellent story. I highly recommend this book as well as both series, you will not be disappointed." ~Deb Bond

"Feel good love stories are my favorite type. Donna Michaels writes feel good love stories. The two people in this story are the perfect characters to learn about real love and how they need one another. Each of Donna Michaels books that I read leaves me in awe of her ability to make the world seem right!! Don't miss this book!!!" ~Linda C

The book had a great start. I found myself laughing out loud right away - and that set the tone for a light-hearted, funny, and romantic read. I've read a LOT of romance books, and Wyne and Chocolate has one of the best first kisses that I have read. The way the author wrote the kiss made my heart go a-flutter!" ~Nancy Stopper

She found something better than chocolate...

Jill is a chocoholic with a big heart, a flair for baking and confection, and a knack for getting into predicaments, including the one where she was almost financially ruined by her ex. Now she’s in a new town, with a new business, and is determined to stay away from trouble.


Especially, the gorgeous guardsman with the haunted gaze, brooding expression and miserable attitude.  Her days of helping people were over. She is tired of being taken advantage of and is looking forward to getting back on her feet.


Too bad her new business venture puts her in daily contact with the sexy man.

This series can be read and enjoyed in any order but you get more out of the backstories by reading in order.

"...they don't call the Wyne household "The Hotspot" for nothing. I cannot wait to read more of this series." ~Debbie Collins

"I love this series. Can't wait for the next one. They are always thoughtful and I love that I can't put the book down until I am finished. The author always puts everything together and completes the story and leaves you waiting for the next published book." ~Amazon Customer

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"One of the books had me laughing out loud in physical therapy and this one had me in tears at the doctor's office.  I honestly cannot recommend the books in this series enough, you will LOVE them! " ~Kelly Thompson

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