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Elite Protector

Dangerous Curves Series -  Brotherhood Protectors Series Crossover

"I loved this because Kat is a tough lady, who doesn't need protection but goes along with her uncle and godfathers recommendation to have a bodyguard. It was great seeing Kat and Sonic try and see who was the ALPHA Male or Women. This book might be a small story, but it reads like a full book.... This was a great book! Get it today!" ~Chrissybear77

"I tend to stay away from novellas, since many times the authors don’t develop the characters nor the plot . That certainly is not the case with this one. This talented author manages to give the reader a dynamic story with an engaging plot and complex characters. A good read for an afternoon of leisure." ~Yvonne Cruz

"The fact they both are lethal and capable is a major turn on! Enough with the wimpy women. And Brogan...sigh...such a dream...not threatened but proud of his woman’s skills. Couldn’t put it down..." ~Eliriv

"Kick ass H and h with a dose of romance. I so enjoy a strong woman with amazing skills. Really liked the fast pace of this story. Great read, don’t miss it." ~PJ

He risks more than his life protecting the commander’s niece.

Lured to the mountains of Montana under the assumption her uncle and her godfather recommended her as a bodyguard for Brotherhood Protectors—an agency started by one of their former SEALs—Kat Crawford, former NIO, discovers too late, she’s really there as a client.


Former DEVGRU SEAL, Brogan “Sonic” O’Neal, dropped his packet to return to Montana to take over his grandfather’s woodshop and care for the dying man. A deathbed promise to “not” return to the teams sentences him to life without the adrenaline rush he craves, until an old SEAL buddy hires him as a part time bodyguard for Brotherhood Protectors.


A request to protect the niece of a former CO lands Brogan his first assignment, but it could be his last. Keeping objective is impossible. He’s watched the woman grow up through pictures in the commander’s office. Now she’s at Brogan’s cabin. Their chemistry is off the charts. And giving into their attraction is as inevitable as a Montana sunrise.


But when Kat suggests the Brotherhood uses her as bait to end the threats once and for all, Brogan realizes his feelings for the woman run deep. Can he resist the alpha need to protect her? If he does, will she survive? If he doesn’t, will their relationship?

This series can be read and enjoyed in any order but you get more out of the backstories by reading in order.

“Ms. Michaels knows how to present a generous and well-balanced mix of domestic terrorism, strain, and sizzling heat!” ~Stephanie Lodes, InD’tale Magazine, (Locke and Load)
Crowned Heart of Excellence
-Runner Up, Honorable Mention-Rone Award

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"OMG! Action packed and highly charged!! I highly recommend this series." ~Penna Reader


"The characters and storylines in this series are believable and easy to follow. The romance is steamy and makes the story flow. I would recommend this series to anyone who likes romance, friends and family." ~June Rodgers

"I can not wait to read the next book in this awesome new series by Donna Michaels. Highly recommend to all fans of romance and military heroes." ~Emily

"There's lots of action, intrigue and some surprises too.  I look forward to reading more..." ~Carol LaGatta

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Part of Elle James' Brotherhood Protectors World

What is the Brotherhood Protectors World?

Brotherhood Protectors is the brainchild of retired SEAL Hank Patterson who saw it as a way to harness the energy, integrity and desire to protect those separating from active duty. This elite organization is made of the best of the best ready and willing to protect others, using the skills they learned in the military. In the mountains and on the ranges of Montana, these fighting men meet their matches and fall victim to love they can not resist.

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