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Shadow of a Chance

Dangerous Curves Series -  Shadow SEALs Series Crossover

"Once the action starts it doesn't end until the book ends. The chemistry between Chance and Dana bubbles over and Dana's can do attitude along with her sense of humor keeps them going until things finally come to a head."  ~CJinOK

"OMG! This book is one heck of a ride! I absolutely loved it!!! Definitely a must read! (Allow a several hours, because once you start, you will NOT want to stop!)"  ~AngieS

"I am a new reader of Ms. Michael's. To say I was impressed with her writing is an understatement. This book has everything. Secrets, danger, intrigue, and of course, romance."  ~Elinda Moody

"I just read this book in a marathon Saturday all day read! Why you may was just that balanced! It had everything,, but more importantly it was where it was supposed to be, and if was in the right amounts. Romance √ Suspense √ Mystery √"  ~Love2read

"Where is the popcorn. I really needed popcorn to chomp on. The suspense was intense. The conspiracy is real. It was hard to believe I would get my HEA. I needed the HEA after the stress of wondering who was behind it all. Mind blown."  ~TrudyD

He doesn't stand a shadow of a chance of completing his orders without falling for her.

Hand chosen to work a joint op with the CIA as a Navy deserter, Navy SEAL Chance Reynolds followed the rules, and got burned. Now his best friend is dead, and Chance is stuck with the ‘deserter’ label. The only reason he isn’t rotting in prison is due to the interference from a former retired commander.

He owes the man.

So when a mysterious woman contacts Chance and offers him a job to safely escort the daughter of a murdered scientist to several classified locations across the country, he agrees. Not because of the insane amount of money offered, but to repay the debt to his former commander. Knight, no doubt, had to be the one who tossed his name to the shadowy lady. No way would anyone trust a Navy deserter to protect an asset.

Dana Spencer is no asset.

She’s not the scientist’s daughter either, but she is under orders to keep it a secret and carryout the mission her dear friend and coworker would have…if she weren’t in a coma. Even though Dana hates lying, especially to her handsome, ex-military bodyguard, she has no choice. The fate of millions depends on her deciphering codes left by her friend’s murdered father…before his secret NSA work falls into enemy hands.

Dana is unlike any woman Chance has ever known, smart, beautiful, a crack shot, and even though he senses she’s hiding something, he doesn’t bother to fight their crazy chemistry.

Chance deserves to know the truth. He’s kept her safe and amazingly satisfied but will he desert her when he discovers she’s CIA? Between her deceit and an enemy who always seems to be a step ahead, Dana’s not sure if their mission or relationship stands a shadow of a chance.

Part of the multi author Shadow SEALs Series

What is the Shadow SEALs Series?

The Shadow SEALs were once the best of the best, recruited from obscurity after their fall from grace to work in the shadows, enacting justice upon our enemies and protecting those caught in the crosshairs by any means necessary.

This multiauthor series is the joint creation of a group of some of your favorite romantic suspense authors. Look for releases coming throughout 2021 and 2022. More info to come!

This series can be read and enjoyed in any order but you get more out of the backstories by reading in order.

“Ms. Michaels knows how to present a generous and well-balanced mix of domestic terrorism, strain, and sizzling heat!” ~Stephanie Lodes, InD’tale Magazine, (Locke and Load)
Crowned Heart of Excellence
-Runner Up, Honorable Mention-Rone Award

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"OMG! Action packed and highly charged!! I highly recommend this series." ~Penna Reader


"The characters and storylines in this series are believable and easy to follow. The romance is steamy and makes the story flow. I would recommend this series to anyone who likes romance, friends and family." ~June Rodgers

"I can not wait to read the next book in this awesome new series by Donna Michaels. Highly recommend to all fans of romance and military heroes." ~Emily

"There's lots of action, intrigue and some surprises too.  I look forward to reading more..." ~Carol LaGatta

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June 8    Cat Johnson  Shadow Pawn

June 29  Elle James  Shadow Assassin

July 20   Becca Jameson  Shadow in the Desert

Aug 10   KaLyn Cooper  Shadow in the Mountain

Aug 31   Donna Michaels  Shadow of a Chance

Sept 21   J.M. Madden  Shadow of the Moon

Oct 12    Sharon Hamilton  Shadow of the Heart

Jan 4      Desiree Holt  Shadow Defender

Jan 25    Elaine Levine  Not My Shadow

Feb 15   Abbie Zanders  Cast in Shadow





Mar 8    Cat Johnson  Shadow Lies

Apr 12   Donna Michaels  Shadow of Hope

May 31  Elaine Levine  Shadow and Steele

June 21  J.M. Madden  Shadow Games

July 12   Sharon Hamilton  Shadow Warrior

Aug 23   KaLyn Cooper Shadow in the Daylight

Sept 13  Becca Jameson  Shadow in the Darkness

Oct 4     Desiree Holt   tba

Shadow SEALs Series
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