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Shadow of Hope

HC Heroes/slight Dangerous Curves Series -  Shadow SEALs Series Crossover
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"Hope and Griff's story is thought provoking and contains intrigue, romance, humor, suspense, drama, twist and turns, and a HEA! Well done, Donna! I read it three times in two days! Highly recommend!." ~KimbaWags

"A Mayan treasure discovery, a terrorist bent on revenge, a shady diplomat and kidnappings are but a few of the plot twists that Donna Michaels packed into Shadow of Hope. Who knew an archeologist's life could become so dangerous and entangled? Lots of suspense, some fast moving action and lots of steamy sizzle between two utterly compelling characters made this book a winner." ~Mel M

"I loved this book by Donna Michaels. I also love the characters in this book and series. I can’t wait for another book by this author. I would recommend this book and all of this Donna’s books." ~Charlene L

"Donna Michaels always keeps you on the edge of your seat. You are not sure what will happen next, but you know something will. You also know the hot hero will know how to fix it. The love story is as hot as the action." ~Sandy Davidson Scheer

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book! A fast-paced thriller that grabs you from the first page to the last. It's an exciting, sexy, moving & suspense romance...A MUST READ!!" ~Doni

A second chance to prove his worth leads to a love worth saving…

Just when he starts to come to terms with the fact his life as an operator is in the past and it’s time to reinvent himself, Griffin Wolfe is pulled back into the action by a secret shadow organization.

Just when she thought it was safe to return to the field, Dr. Hope Jones stumbles onto a plot to use artifacts to fund a series of terrorist attacks.

Taking this assignment and working with the feisty archeologist could heal his soul…or cost Griff more than just his trident. Either way, he is going to be a shadow of hope.

Part of the multi author Shadow SEALs Series

What is the Shadow SEALs Series?

The Shadow SEALs were once the best of the best, recruited from obscurity after their fall from grace to work in the shadows, enacting justice upon our enemies and protecting those caught in the crosshairs by any means necessary.

This multiauthor series is the joint creation of a group of some of your favorite romantic suspense authors. Look for releases coming throughout 2021 and 2022. More info to come!

This series can be read and enjoyed in any order but you get more out of the backstories by reading in order.

“Ms. Michaels knows how to present a generous and well-balanced mix of domestic terrorism, strain, and sizzling heat!” ~Stephanie Lodes, InD’tale Magazine, (Locke and Load)
Crowned Heart of Excellence
-Runner Up, Honorable Mention-Rone Award

"OMG! Action packed and highly charged!! I highly recommend this series." ~Penna Reader

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"The characters and storylines in this series are believable and easy to follow. The romance is steamy and makes the story flow. I would recommend this series to anyone who likes romance, friends and family." ~June Rodgers

"I can not wait to read the next book in this awesome new series by Donna Michaels. Highly recommend to all fans of romance and military heroes." ~Emily

"There's lots of action, intrigue and some surprises too.  I look forward to reading more..." ~Carol LaGatta

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June 8    Cat Johnson  Shadow Pawn

June 29  Elle James  Shadow Assassin

July 20   Becca Jameson  Shadow in the Desert

Aug 10   KaLyn Cooper  Shadow in the Mountain

Aug 31   Donna Michaels  Shadow of a Chance

Sept 21   J.M. Madden  Shadow of the Moon

Oct 12    Sharon Hamilton  Shadow of the Heart

tba      Desiree Holt  Shadow Defender

Feb 15   Abbie Zanders  Cast in Shadow

Feb 22   Elaine Levine  Not My Shadow





Mar 8    Cat Johnson  Shadow Lies

Apr 12   Donna Michaels  Shadow of Hope

May 31  Elaine Levine  Shadow and Steele

June 21  J.M. Madden  Shadow Games

July 12   Sharon Hamilton  Shadow Warrior

Aug 23   KaLyn Cooper Shadow in the Daylight

Sept 13  Becca Jameson  Shadow in the Darkness

Oct 4     Desiree Holt   tba

What readers are saying about Shadow SEALs...

"Although each book is by a different author, each storyline
Is absolutely amazing in its continuity of "Charlie" and the concept of
The Shadow Seals. With all the book series I follow there is not another I SO EAGERLY anticipate As I do the release of the next new Shadow Seal.
As articulate as I may be, I feel I cannot express the enjoyment sitting down with These books for uninterrupted "quiet" time can bring you.
If you are looking for a much needed escape, A hero, A romance ,action,tasteful "steam"... its all here! A must read******" ~Love2read

"This book, and actually the whole series, are wonderful reads! Fearless, sexy men and brave, intelligent women are a great combination. Couldn't be better and no improvement needed.~Judi Joy

"I've loved every single one of this series. Am looking forward to the next one- please let it be SOON!!!!~Kindle Customer

"Loved this story, characters and adventures. Great action, twists and turns, and a happily ever after. Love Charley and how she finds these men and makes the wrongdoings that happened to them right. Love this series!~Pam Brown

Shadow SEALs Series
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